Chelsea Manning is a free woman


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I wish her the best.


inb4 “Chelsea Manning is not a woman” trolls.


Really? What board do you live on?

Yay Chelsea, hope she is doing well.


##About damn time!


Good for her!


She’s on “active duty” but not getting paid… While she’s out of prison, I would hardly call it “free.”


Now that she’s out… she really needs to get a new picture taken


One can hardly blame her if she’d prefer some degree of anonymity at this point.


Amen. With luck—a lot of luck—America may one day realize the debt it owes to her. On that glorious day I hope they mark this realization with something subtle. Like a plaque. And a 150ft statue of her crushing the last five presidents or so under her boot-heel. Give it one of those insufferably high-minded high-Victorian titles like 'Transparency Drives Out Injustice, War-Mongering, Secrecy, and Betrayal." And put it somewhere suitable. Like Fort Meade.


Ha! You must be a vet, too.


“Democracy Dies in Darkness”


Not a lot to choose from there


Hot dog! I hope she takes a good deal of time ro recover, then go very, very public with extraordinarily ascerbic criticisms of the current administration’s multitudinal failings.


Would her active duty status prevent her from emigrating to a safer country?


Yeah, that’s damning with faint praise, that is.


I was wondering when someone would get around to posting about this;

There’s only so much negative discussion about current events that one can take.

Good for her, insert ‘Thanks Obama!’ meme here _____.


As I understand it, she’s not been kicked out of the military yet because her conviction is still under appeal. Silver lining: she gets medical coverage in the meantime.


Chelsea did so well to survive her time behind bars. I’m very glad she’s got at least a semblance of freedom now.


Hopefully she’ll be given a general or disability discharge for PTSD, assuming she wants a discharge, and not lose her benefits.