Chelsea Manning is missing


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Habeas Corpus much?


Oh god, I hope she’s alive.


Missed three calls…damn…it is sad that i hope this is disciplinary lock down or solitary rather then the alternative. hope chelsea is okay.

maybe i don’t understand how that works, but isn’t there anyone that the support network can contact to see what’s up? this isn’t missing like in the woods, this is missing like in a secured facility. can’t her legal representation inquire or anything. damn.


:musical_score: O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave. :musical_note:


Yeah, something’s going on that we don’t know about and probably never will know about. It’s probably not exactly legal either.[quote=“redesigned, post:4, topic:87015”]
it is sad that i hope this is disciplinary lock down or solitary rather then the alternative

It’s even sadder that I don’t know which one I would prefer.


I believe the technical term for it is that she has been disappeared.

Oh wait, that only happens in third world totalitarian dictatorships where people don’t have constitutionally protected civil rights.


And they (Democrats included) tell Snowden he should just come home and he’ll get a fair trial and treatment in prison.


Where the free and the brave are two mutually exclusive groups.


Jail Name: United States Disciplinary Barracks
Jail Category: Federal Prison / MILJail
Facility Address:
1301 Warehouse Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS, 66027
Telephone Numbers: 913-758-3649, 913-758-3646
( )

It’s very tempting to call and rudely demand answers and accountability, but keep in mind that they may hold that against Manning. Their worthless cruelty is not impressing anyone.


I’m hoping for the best, but planning for the worst.


Her Due Process is being stomped on.


To be clear, half of the crazy shit done to Chelsea is because she has the misfortune of being a military prisoner in a military prison. Snowden would get reamed with completely different shenanigans.

Do military prisoners get due process or did they sign away that right when they joined the military? That’s a serious question.


Silly, Chelsea Manning is a battle-thrall, like most soldiers, and has no rights. Duh.


The UCMJ is a lot more restrictive than the civilian penal code, you do sign away the majority of your rights, and just to add injury to injury, one is still exposed to the civilian side which means double jeopardy, you can get fucked twice, sans lube.


Perhaps the entity that should make a “Health and Safety Check” on manning are either the US Marshals or the Red Cross.

It would be hard for Manning to be blamed for this interference if it can be proven that such action was caused by their own ineptitude.


I am just going to assume that she pulled a Shawshank.


Hoping some people were organized enough to break her out of custody. Has anybody tried yet?


No, no one has tried to break Chelsea Manning out of a military operated prison.


And no one ever will