Chelsea Manning is a free woman

from CNN:

…American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Chase Strangio, who represented Manning.

The Army says Manning will remain on unpaid, active-duty status as she continues to appeal her court-martial. This means she will maintain her access to military medical benefits, including for gender dysphoria and gender reassignment, but Strangio said his client has no interest because of the treatment she endured in prison.

“Because of the nature of her circumstances and the experience of confinement, she is very committed to living her life as free from the government as possible and taking care of her own health benefits and financial needs, separate and apart from the continued benefits available to her,” the lawyer said.


I was genuinely afraid something would happen to her before she was released. I’m ecstatic for her. Now I hope everyone will just leave her alone for awhile, though I’m realistic enough to know they won’t. Transition is a difficult thing under the best of circumstances. Doing that beginning in prison and then under a media spotlight will be beyond challenging. I wish her nothing but the best.




My, she cleans up nice. Good for her!


That deserves going full Orson.


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