Chelsea Manning, after suicide attempt: 'Your incredible love and support is lifting my spirits.'


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And yet, the response of a vengeful military “justice” system is to criminalize exactly the desperate response their ongoing treatment torture could be predicted to provoke.

It is important to keep this matter before the public.


I’m crying like a baby over here. That is courage beyond words.


Not just Ms. Manning: anyone put into solitary is being subjected to horrific torture. It’s bad enough being cut off from all other humans, but most prisons don’t allow books, games, or any other physical objects which a solitary person might use to engage his mind.


My thoughts are with you always, Chelsea.


The best way for her to “stick it to The Man” at this point is to stay alive and keep putting her story out there.


Has the White House responded to a request to pardon Chelsea Manning on

Edit: Has there been such a request? I don’t see easy searchability on the site.


I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps we could all at least write to Obama. A petition would be better tho.



Thank you.



If Snowden isn’t going to be pardoned, I doubt Manning is.


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