Chelsea Manning sentenced to 14 days of solitary confinement in retaliation for suicide attempt


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I thought she was already in solitary. In any case, that’s messed up. Attempted suicide should never be considered an offense; it should be viewed as a cry for help.


“The beatings will continue until morale improves”


It should be seen as a criminal failure of the holding institution, treated with the same weight as if they’d died in custody. Instead the beatings are doubled. Nothing makes sense in this brown stain of a country.


Indeed, why bother “sentencing to solitary” when the people involved seem perfectly willing to arbitrarily put her into solitary?


It’s horrifying that “a week of torture, with probably another week at some later date” is less punishment than I expected.


Yes, but crying for help is punishable by being made unable to cry for help. Make sense?


Well that should help cheer her right up!


Geez, how do you punish a suicide attempt? How is that something you get punished for? Suicide attempts should be met with nothing less than compassion.


This really pisses me off. We noticed you tried to kill yourself. Maybe if we lock you in a hole you’ll change your mind about that…

This shouldn’t be allowed.


I think in this case, @doctorow use of retaliation is right on the money. It’s not about her or keeping her safe and sane, it’s about revenge.


Agreed. She drew (somewhat national) attention to what they were doing to her. This is revenge/retaliation for them looking bad because of how they’ve treated her and continue to treat her.

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