Chelsea Manning, on facing life in solitary after attempting suicide

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Last week, the ACLU announced that Chelsea Manning had been charged with a series of bizarre sounding “administrative offenses” involving her recent attempt to take her own life.

These latest examples of abuse and neglect are, frankly, just what Chelsea has come to expect, as she has been systematically mistreated by the U.S. government ever since she was first taken into custody in 2010, including long stretches of solitary confinement, which the UN considers to be a form of torture.


Reading that is like being punched in the groin over and over. My deepest positive thoughts go out to Ms. Manning in this time of need. Be well and have courage good friend to the free world.


It’s great how openly and entirely we’ve embraced torture. Really, really great. I sure feel like I’m on the right side of history living in this country now.


Worth reminding everyone that President Obama is the Commander-in-Chief responsible for the torture of Chelsea Manning. I wouldn’t expect Hillary Clinton (or Donald Trump) to stop torturing Manning or any other political prisoners in this country.

Chris Hedges is right: we need sustained resistance if we want to save ourselves and our planet.


Yeah, this is torture. They are trying to induce a complete mental breakdown. The kind of mental breakdown where the victim is left with no personality and no memory of their former life. They are trying to induce psychological and mental death.


This is the true face of torture: grotesque, barbarous, and inhumane - deeply unworthy of any state aspiring to democracy. Apparently dissatisfied in having only destroyed the life of a brave whistle-blower, the sweating, red-faced and corrupt death-dealers in power must now grind the one that exposed their folly to the finest dust. In so doing, they show both their true powerlessness in the face of bravery, as well as their total moral bankruptcy.


When your government’s actions make your mind jump directly to the torture porn that was Ramsay Bolton’s treatment of Theon Greyjoy, something is seriously fucked up.

Repaying the exposure of war crimes with human rights abuses is like dropkicking a puppy because it barked at you while you beat your wife.


How much does a jailer have to torture a prisoner before charges can be brought? I’m afraid the answer is “those charges will never be brought. Torture away.”


I need to look into how to send her a message. This makes me unaccountably sad and angry about the conditions she suffers. I wouldn’t wish this treatment on someone that I actually believe did something wrong, much less Manning.


“Resisting the Forced Cell Move Team (while unconscious.)”

Either the Force Cell Move Team is utterly incompetent in dealing with an unconscious prisoner or the person pressing charges should be charged with FRAUD upon the court. Perhaps that person should be held in solitary confinement during the duration of the trial while a new prosecutor continues the trial. That will at least set the tone that prosecurtral discretion will be subject to judicial oversight and that attorney/client privilege shall not be infringed without cause.


Is it the Leavenworth base commander who brought up the charges? Is it another individual? Do we have the documentation as to why the charges were brought? The officers and enlisted working at Leavenworth are on the public payroll, we should know what they are doing and why.


That’ll teach her to value the miracle of life!



Yeah…fuckers. Don’t they care that they’re doing evil in our name?

We’re supposed to be the good guys. I don’t want my country to be okay with cruelty. That is NOT representing me!


I fear that watching Neil deGrasse Tyson run for U.S. president would be like watching your favorite Care Bear enter a cage match only to find itself facing pitbulls. And geese.


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