Chelsea Manning: we're spied on all the time, and the state still can't figure out who we are

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and the state still can’t figure out who we are

It’s just a business, and a shitty one at that.


I’ve always thought the picture of Big Brother was overly simplistic (it’s not to say there’s no violence in tyranny but that it’s often marginally used since it’s the method of last resort) since it’s easier to just spy on people and use complex legal perils to constantly imprison, fine, or otherwise impede people in their daily lives. How much easier it is to wear down the common person with the million tiny cuts of bureaucratic imposition which they voluntarily endure than it is to hire a million goons to do the same with overt thuggery.


And this is the same CIA that supported Pinochet, secret foreign prisons where people were held because of US laws against torture, and the like? Yeah, I’m totally going to listen to someone who signed off this as deputy director.


Yeah, the hypocrisy in that letter is astounding.


“…it is my right, indeed my duty, to argue that the School’s decision is wholly inappropriate and to protest it by resigning from the Kennedy School…”

While the entire song may not be appropriate (like, ever), the post-song line is just perfect right now!

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And, invitation revoked?

(Note, I’m not presenting these three little news items as a complete narrative, I’m sure there’s a lot to the story, these are just the parts I’ve seen.)

(And for the record, I’m glad we know the things leaked by Ms. Manning. It’s honorable and courageous to expose government lies. Her perspective would be/would have been a valuable addition to the study of governance, IMO.)

Well, that is kind of the point of Big Brother.

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Ok, so they think she has things to say that it would be good for their students to hear but they don’t want to give her a fancy title because that might imply they think she has things to say that it would be good for their students to hear - that’s what I’m getting out of that statement.

…Good things to hear, but don’t go mistaking her for anyone authoritative, OK?

Only us Fellows are authoritative…

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