In five minutes, The Zebra will tell you if you’re giving away money on your car insurance

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So I was thinking about buying a used car earlier this year, and saw this service advertised on television. I thought I’d give it a shot, just to see how expensive insurance would be. The website asks for all kinds of information, naturally, and I filled it out.

So I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it’s hassle-free, because even though I was able to get all sorts of different quotes, since I didn’t ever have any intention to purchase a policy right then, I started getting A LOT of soliciting phone calls from several insurance companies following up. I’d say at least 10 within the first couple of days, and 10 more within a week, and even now, 4 months later, a couple every week. I get two or three pieces of junk mail about car insurance every week as well. And because I made a slight typo in my mailing address, I know that my name and address has been sold to other mailing lists completely unrelated to car insurance. Clearly they have me pegged as a sucker, and I really should have known better.

So don’t be a sucker. Stay away from this service.


In five minutes, The Zebra will tell you if you’re giving away money on your car insurance

I can answer that in five seconds:

Money spent on insurance: Lots
Claims filed: None

Yep, giving away money on car insurance.

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Auto insurance is strange. In the past I was quoted a 3-to-1 range for the same coverage. So yeah, worth calling around (never tried an aggregating service like this one).

Most recent weirdness is a big cost saving after calling around to the same companies who would not beat my insurance cost just a year ago! I was feeling robbed so I got some bids and was happily surprised.

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