In life, pick two




or prevent others from having two, and take all three for yourself :disappointed:


Two? Fat chance.


|---->Be Born Rich
—>Make Choices


Thanks Xeni,

It’s not geeky to Randall’s level (my preference) but there is some serious humor there. Thanks for turning us on.



Ooh. I, too, get turned on by infographics.

Glad to see there are more of us here…


I guess the implication here is that given enough time you will sell your children for money, or that money is at the top of a pyramid built upon the backs of children. Either way, I think I’ll pass.


The thing that keeps life interesting is how suddenly one can switch to a different side of the triangle.


mmmm, I see what they are saying.


I’m in the top 5%( easily ), I have a nice flock of children and I ‘work’ * about 30 hours a week.

My advice: Stay in school, kids!

  • by work, I mean I’m at my employers place of business and/or engaged in building their business. YMMV


And we’re all very proud of you.

For the rest of us, life tends to involve tradeoffs and compromises, and personally I think this infographic is effin hilarious.


I don’t t disagree at all. But I think that attitude holds many people back.



Need something done, choose two.


Uh, time and money seems like the no-brainer option. You get to have time, money, and continue to act like an adult for the rest of your life? Bonus: you can retire early with your extra wads of cash. Child free is a winner.

There are three types of people that have kids: people who have really thought it through and know from experience with children that kids will make them happy, people who fucked up, and people who got kids because they were bored and/or that is what you do next after getting a job, a spouse, and are dying of boredom in the 'burbs. I think the first category is rare, though not entirely non-existent. The other two have my utmost pity and make up the majority of the human population with kids.


Or pick as many as you like. You’ll get about 1 to 1.1


Right. I totally get that. If we just stop accepting tradeoffs and compromises, then we can all be in the top 5% and… oh…




If I could have one of those things, I’d be a little better.


Indeed, i’ve plenty of time, no chance of the other two happening.



Your car can only be 2.
And thats why I’m in the garage every weekend. Ha.