The "transactional love economy"

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Fair enough. Let’s compare notes in 50 years and see who feels more fulfilled about the way they spent their lives.


@GlennF was tweeting about this yesterday. You should get him to write this thoughts.

In other words:
Life is short, especially when you get older. Enjoy it.

Such sights are giving me at least some hope for the future.


I know women that have been on seekingarrangements.

Its very transactional, the men are very up front about what they want to do, how often, and how much “allowance” you will get in return, for how many nights out, dinners, trips, gifts, etc. It does seem less prostitution and more relationship-y, more companions that just a sex partner, but the sex is guaranteed. There are a lot of older men, but also a lot of very awkward (and rich) young men; my friend preferred the latter, said they were kinder more interested in her and helping her in her life. The young guys were much more into themselves. /shrug - I have way more misgivings about a site like Ashely Madison than I do about these people.


Is that what you meant?

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This article is claiming a lot of “skimmed it briefly as I scrolled down to comment” scalps around the 'net.


Could be. I wouldn’t mind one.

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Not sure how many of these people are really finding “joy” anyway. Ever see The Queen of Versailles? The Siegel family (classic aging-billionaire-with-young-mistress-turned-trophy-wife scenario) seemed pretty miserable on the whole, even before they started running into financial problems.

Compare with the other choice. Bad may still be better than worse.


Well, that was a depressing article. Equal parts ‘ick’, ‘interesting’ and ‘none of my business’, with an extra dollop of pathos.


Yeah, as far as exploitation and deception goes, this type of thing is fairly low on my, “do I even give a flying feck” list.

Rich people that specifically want non trafficed, relatively intelligent companions for company and nookie? And each party has the ability to say go to the police or a lawyer if things go sideways without going to jail?


There was some trial and error in trying to find the right girl, but
eventually Scrooge found a 22-year-old whom he was able to take to Pink
concerts and to plays and to movies before taking her up to his hotel or
apartment to conduct the Weird Sex Thing he needs so badly that he
cannot even wait till a third date before asking for it.

So that’s who attends Pink concerts.


The conclusion of the article is hilariously puritanical, the women are being scammed, and the men are being scammed? Seriously? And yet he describes “arrangements” that have led to marriage? So… who is being scammed?

Its obviously not for everyone, but then nothing is, so who cares? I don’t get it…


Which is a real shame, the article is tremendous (and tremendously funny) throughout. Damn now I want to know Scrooge McFuck’s Weird Sex Thing!


Prostitution? I am pretty sure this is just what is meant by the term “traditional Marriage”


Isn’t the core difference that you part with the money but get no sex in return?


Eh, mostly just your standard light Masochism.

That, and he can only climax when he’s lying in a huge vault of gold coins.


I had pretty much the exact same reaction as Mallory Ortberg did. And far preferred her piece to the GQ one.


Yes, I laughed, Taffy is a funny writer. But I found myself getting annoyed with the author with each new profile, and it all came together for me when I read this line;: Kitten believes she is gaming the system, profiting off her body instead of being used for it, but she’s not making as much as she could if she were a better negotiator.

…which is telling us absolutely nothing about the person except that Taffy doesn’t like her. It’s clear that the author didn’t want to learn anything about this story that she doesn’t already know, and she’s invited her readers to sneer along with her, and count ourselves blessed if we would never consider such a thing, because clearly Taffy (her real name?) can’t imagine.

I was very glad you linked to the second story, about how not to write about sex work, it saved me from obsessing about Taffys weird sex thing to the point of distraction.