In quarantine, Thomas Dolby's kids turn dad's hit "Europa..." into "Corona..."

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Loved this. Best part for me though was him saying “the sun is going down over Baltimore harbor.” Wait? Thomas Dolby lives near me??? Sweet!


I don’t know where he lives, but Dolby has officially been a professor at Johns Hopkins since 2014.


Thanks for posting this @garethb2. Screen Kiss is a wonderful song. Very unlike most of Dolby’s catalog. Be sure to give the original a listen if you haven’t (or even if you have).


I’ve been singing a “My Corona” parody of My Sharona for the last month. It seemed like the obvious parody. And now that I Google it, yeah, people already thought of it and recorded it…

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Thanks for the links, very sad to hear of Seligman’s passing. I’ve always been a Dolby fan - looks like Junior is a chip off the old block! Europa and the Pirate Twins is a killer tune.

Loved the rendition of Screen Kiss, an amazing song. Once all this shit is out of the way I need to get to one of his gigs (missed out on a UK fest that he was at last year…)

If you like that, you might like his last album, ‘A Map of the Floating City,’ which goes from wistful jazz to americana-inspired. guest starts include Regina Spector, Mark Knopfler, Imogen Heap, and Eddi Reader.

Very story-driven songwriting, which was always his biggest strength despite his skills with electronics.

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