Shut in sounds: Devotchka—Done With Those Days

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Top songs for Corona Lockdown 2020.


That’s a joy. Thanks.


Yet another lovely super-catchy song with whistling; I’m a fan!

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Nice song, and now I want to go watch some David Lynch films.

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Brilliant- I need this right now. Thank you for sharing!

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I was kind of underwhelmed by slightly futuristic Roy Orbison. Music is supposed to make you escape, right? Try this “in the days, the golden days”…Watch “Half Day Closing by Portishead”

Or if you like your retro with a bit more pop to it: Watch “Unloved: When A Woman Is Around”

Wonderful, the song and the visuals. Needed that.

Ha, I had similar thoughts.


Still think this is the best pop song I’ve heard in years. I know its a hit on Earth 245. Or 244. Watch “Jonathan Bree - Say You Love Me Too (feat. Clara Viñals)”

I’ve been on a Wutang kick for the past few days since they posted guidance for self-protection. Maybe I’m missing the point of this thread.

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Are Boing Boing hipsters allowed to play instrumental music? Herbie Hancock wrote it about MLK. Also references just a great movie…Watch “He Who Lives in Fear by Herbie Hancock”

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