Inadvertent "Smells Like Teen Spirit" tribute


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Copyright violation in 5 … 4 … 3 …




You will learn to film in landscape mode or we will hunt you down.


Kinda weird how the shovel makes an F the first time it falls but an Ab the second time…


Autotune: the Photoshop of audio.



No, we won’t, and neither will you.


Clearly someone needs to perform the whole song with shovels…


You’re supposed to say “yes, and”!


I know, but I’ll start shooting landscape mode for casual videos when my phone makes it ergonomically easy to hold the phone sideways one-handed.


Just hold it as upright as you do. Now, just swivel your wrist.
#One weird trick of landscape video.


Very true. It’s easier to film but more awkward to watch :confused:


1:54 for the best argument against vertvid.


I don’t mind portrait/vertical recording, if it covers the relevant areas of the subject. What I hate is that YouTube plays them in landscape/horizontal mode instead of adapting the player to fit the content. Sometimes I work with my monitor tilted vertically, where vertical videos should look fine - but a vertical screen showing a vertical video in a horizontal player looks awfully foolish.


Fuck, I hate Flash Player. At its best, you’re getting horrible frame tearing. It’s the zero configurability I hate.

If there’s a vid you want to watch of the web and the aspect ratio’s wrong or whatever, you’re screwed.

Unless you use a video downloader plugin to save it, then play it with a proper media player like KMP. Then you can even watch it without any frame tearing, if you’ve installed PureVideo or whatever, and made all the correct sacrifices to the appropriate gods…


…and watch that Droid Turbo hit the dirt when I try to wrap enough fingers around it and still have a finger in position to hit the record button on the screen.

Nope. My phone (and both its predecessors) aren’t set up for one-handed landscape use, even in largish hands. I can do it, but it’s inconvenient enough that I only bother with it when the video would actually benefit from a landscape aspect. I certainly don’t care what other people think of my videography. I’m not trying to make a living off it or anything.


This is why The Donald P only works on bottle episodes filmed vertically with the iPhone 3GS, right?


iPhone?! You take that back!


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