Monkey teaches man to crush leaves




The videographer defends her decision to use portrait mode on the youtube page. But I’m still with you, Mark. Why is it seemingly so hard for people to spin their crappy phone sideways before videoing insane cuteness?


He hates these cans leaves!


Why is it so hard for Craptube to simply allow portrait mode as a natural part of their standard narrow column layout, and the same for their crappy embedded player? Apart from crappy human
idiocy in their design department? Vimeo doesn’t have that problem.


The monkey keeps looking over his shoulder to make sure his supervisor doesn’t catch him pushing his work off on this big guy.


I wouldn’t want to encourage the whole portrait-mode video crowd. I’ve never seen a TV stood on its end. I’ve never been to a movie with a vertical screen. My laptop has a landscape screen. The reason is that the world as we experience it is primarily in Landscape mode. (I’ve told our kids that if I ever catch them videoing in portrait mode, I’m confiscating their iPods for a week)


Crushing leaves? He’s obviously trying to get the guy to roll a joint.

Monkey see, monkey doobie!


And yet I’m sure that when your kid’s school photos show up this year you’d be unhappy if they were in landscape orientation with an unneeded background filling 2/3 of the shot.

Aspect ratios/orientation are a perfectly valid way to focus viewer attention and present a subject.

An inability to auto-detect the largest dimension of a video and present it accordingly is an obvious technical failing.


This isn’t about the world, it’s about an adorable monkey in a small column of it.

Do you know why people are just fine with still images in any dimensions the creator chose, landscape, portrait, or square, but videos require matching one of a few preset rectangles for everything? Because I don’t.


Clearly someone who can’t even crush leaves right, can’t be expected to hold a camera right.


The entire history of art and photography—and any user of a Radius DTP monitor—turns up their nose at your techno-provincialism.

… and yes, I’m saying this in a bit of a silly tone, as I hope you originally were.


Between this and the talking bird, BoingBoing is dangerously close to out-cuting Cute Overload. This is not a complaint, by the way!


Pushing off work would be fine. Administering the equivalent of 8 credit hours in Applied Leafology at Primate U, without suitable payment, now that’s serious business… Just see if Mr. Monkey there makes it to tenure track.


Clickbait title: Monkey teaches man “hand-job” technique


“Monkey teaches man to crush leaves” … and love.


The applicant did well on the leaf crushing aptitude test. At 11:15 he’ll be meeting with Jennifer, who will test his poo-flinging ability.


I just realized my toddler is basically a monkey.


To me, the monkey doesn’t seem to be “teaching.” I think he’s using the guy’s hand as a tool, a trash compactor of sorts.


Yes. Those are some big hands. I bet you could really crush some leaves with those big hands…
TIL big hands are rubbish at crushing leaves. Even big dry ones. Leaves. Think I’m gonna go crush some big dry leaves.


Complaining about landscape versus portrait is like complaining about 16:9 versus 2.35:1 or even 4:3.

The only important thing about aspect ratios is that they be preserved as video is moved about between sources and file formats. The specific aspect ratio itself is an artistic choice.