Inateck 4 port 30W USB fast charger


I got this beast, which is pretty well reviewed and can charge our family’s two iPads and two iPhones at nearly full-speed simultaneously:

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This would be really helpful, but I thought that it wasn’t possible to make a single port that would rapid-charge both Apple and standard USB devices? My limited understanding was that USB standard indicates high-current capability by shorting the data lines to one another, while iDevices require that different, defined voltages appear on each data line to indicate the power they can supply?

Has this been changed? Did one of the sets of vendors change how they do power negotiation? Or did someone come up with a work-around that will make both kinds of devices charge rapidly? It sure would be nice not to have a whole collection of different chargers around just to quick-change both my and my family’s devices.

Yes, apparently Anker has some circuitry in the charger that detects what type of device is plugged in and adjusts the behavior of that charging port accordingly.

They don’t supply a lot of details on their website about how it works. But here’s the PR page:

Looks good. But I probably wouldn’t spend nearly twice the money for an extra port. As for your concern, personally I believe that power IQ is basically the same thing as the smart IC chip from Inateck, just with a different name.

It should be no problem to accommodate some special charging authentications such as iPad or Galaxy tab.

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