Income inequality turns "neglected tropic diseases" into American diseases of "the poor living among the wealthy"


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But I thought America had the finest health care in the world?


When I was a small child visiting my grandmother in West Virginia, I wasn’t allowed to play in the stream behind her house because of all the people straight-piping their sewage into it…


Just another bit of the horror of living in Obama’s America! /sarcasm

Wait, income inequality producing death for poor and brown people where a weak public health care infrastructure allows disease to run rampant?

Nevermind, that’s Conservative Utopia. Carry on, and good luck in 2016!


Emphasis on the fines.


When I hear “People are only poor because they choose to be” on a regular basis what surprises me is that things aren’t much worse.


I think we’ve got apples and oranges here. Growing income inequality is a recent issue, but these populations have been poor for generations. It’s not Trump’s fault, this time.

Remember when we had public health departments?


“They have a lot of mistrust of a tall, bald white man coming to see them,”

These people are living on the fringe!


We’d better criminalize harboring such filthy proletarian diseases. Not only is there a risk that they might infect their betters; doing so will incentivize them to live more cleanly.


And now that the War on Drugs is becoming unfashionable, we’ll call it the War on Disease and still lock up a disproportionate number of black folks!

It’s a win-win!


They aren’t being imprisoned; it’s just that their sense of personal responsibility is so weak that we’ve been forced to resort to a ‘managed freedom’ treatment model. You understand the difference, I’m sure.


“disproportionately affect” not effect.


Just the classiest


I see what you are saying…


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