Incredible images from the rovers on asteroid Ryugu


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Awesome indeed, in the original sense of the word, but even better with that obnoxious music muted.


So the Lens Flares in Star Trek are now vindicated?


Something about those pictures really makes you feel “there” in a way that even the moon pictures don’t.


Goddang it, robot, you had one damn job! Landscape mode, for cripe’s sake!


They should add some dramatic music to the video.




Yet another hackneyed techno-orchestral epic soundtrack. Very tiresome. Someone out there confused a modest, hippity-hopping, rocky excursion involving two tiny robots for a mindless action-movie trailer.





I want gigantic prints of those photos to go on my walls. I love the lighting, the perspective, and the movement. That robot needs a photograpy award


In a normal newz cycle this would have been big newz.


And take away the transitions and animated text. Annoying and distracting.


Japan vs Ryugu!

Hayabusa mothership:


Ryugu looks… scrappy?


Well, listening with a Japanese ear, I’d say that the music resembled a sort of techno-ed up taiko drumming style like the Yatai Bayashi - Chudaiko Bachi (using smaller drumsticks than traditional larger drums and drumsticks).

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