Video made from 400,000 photos of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko (67p) taken by ESA's Rosetta spacecraft

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Great idea. Ruined by the ridiculous short scene cuts. No time to look at anything properly. I guess it is a sign of the times. At least they didn’t format it in portrait mode.


I found the dust interesting. The way that is moved around. Not the sort of detail you get in a fictional film. I watched the video with Herbie Hancock’s “Headerhunter” as an accidental sound track. Funky science.


The short cuts were due to the available footage. The probe didn’t dwell on any one sequence, these cuts are all extremely sped up versions of sequences that took hours to photograph (and we’re lucky they line up in such compelling video segments).

The “dust” is not dust, but cosmic rays being detected by the probe’s camera.

And finally the probe did take 400,000 photographs, but they are not all stitched together in this video (unless it is running at over 2000 frames per second).

The soundtrack is fantastic and it was so worth it to have something especially composed for this video, the composer did an excellent job and the music is really evocative.


Stars, dust and cosmic rays.

The colour version is here (scroll down a bit):


What do you think this artifact is at 02:33? Looks almost like an old-school font, and it’s so posterized (vs. the comet) I feel like it must be inserted.

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Doubly cool: The composer made use of the ‘singing comet’ recording by the ESA probe:

Here’s the complete NASA Cassini spacecraft footage of Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus:

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Yup, he definitely added artifacts. I spent a few minutes tracking down the original shot. Composited on the left (and boosted on the right to match their curves):

Some of those scenes of the comet landscape reminded me of moon and planet sets created for low budget scifi movies.

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Was that a tentacle in one of those frames?

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That is the most interesting thing that I have seen all day!

To be fair, I did spend 5 hours cleaning out a sewer drain, so the bar isn’t set too high.


the pause button.

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Well yes. But that doesn’t really negate my assertion that the video would be much better without the jumpy editing.

They could have slowed the whole thing down. That would have been my preference. It was cool anyway.

Like everyone else said, I found it nearly unwatchable. The rapid-fire scene cuts, the added decorative glitching, the distracting and idiotic soundtrack. All of it.

Those cuts are where there wasn’t good enough data to show smoothly. The whole thing was sped up, because in real time it would take several days to view. Nobody was trying to emulate a shaky-cam choppy video.

Clearly the motion designer are composer are fans of David Lynch.

Confused. Too many data that it had to be shown super fast, or not enough data for a smooth video? Each scene could have been shown more slowly. In each scene I never found I had time to really take it before the cut.

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