Look at this comet's terrifically chaotic surface


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How is Bruce Willis supposed to land on that?!



My first thought was the the makers of Armageddon didn’t actually get it terribly wrong. Pretty hostile.


It looks beautiful to me, with the stark and angry beauty of a desert in a blizzard.


Reminds me of the “3D moving background models” used in the old, Fleischer Studio, Popeye cartoons.



I think that has actually nothing to do with Philae, but is actually sediments of OSIRIS camera images put together. The Philae lander actually returned only a series of oddly lit narrow views of nearby objects and these were nothing like the landscape and cliff we see here. Sorry to burst the balloon…


This would make one hell of a snowglobe. RO-O-O-OSEBUD!!

Make it so, make it so, make it so.


Pretty nifty, but really if you want chaos up close, look at any damned coastline. They are teeming with chaos.


_________ ?

(drawing a blank)


This whole “comet” thing is a Twitter hoax. That’s actually a short sequence from one of the early Frankenstein movies, I believe.


Having Minnesota flashbacks. :wind_face::snowflake:


Welp, that’s makes the video about 362% less interesting. Shame, it could’ve been great.

Oh well.



Simply incredible. Whole stories are embedded here.


Prove your falseness.


Not ‘sediments’ - ‘segments’. Fumbly fingers! And, today’s APOD confirms my assertion re the data source.


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