Incredible magic trick with Star Wars theme

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It’s all a bunch of simple tricks and nonsense.

I don’t know if I’d use the word “Incredible” for a trick you’d find in a blister pack on the Adams Magic pegboard.

I really dislike sliding box gags that are cheap plastic. The things rattle and give away the gag and you can’t put them in the mark’s hands.

I enjoyed the theme more than the execution.

You can easily tell the light saber was bending its knees to make it look like it was sawed in half.


Fairly simple tricks. The first is just sleight of hand, the Millennium Falcon is hidden in the left hand and while the presenter is adjusting the card you can see them subtly remove the figurine and place it behind the card.

There are two lightsabers in the second trick. The presenter snaps the box extremely quickly to cover the fact that the solid lightsaber is shifting from the center of the box to the left side while the top and bottom pieces move to the center from hidden compartments on the right, and the center piece being pushed out from the left.

The third one is just forced perspective. The rock is suspended by a hook that the rock itself obscures. There is a dead giveaway as the presenter moves the card that the rock appears to be floating above–the base that holds the rock sits underneath the card as well.

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