Incredible performance of "Let It Go," from Frozen




Hmm…not really a "performance of “Let It Go” - that implies actual singing of the song, I’d say. Amusing pantomime? Yup. Delightful lip synch? Sure. Or even “Incredible performance to “Let It Go,” from Frozen”

Still, cute, though.




He’s right, IMO. He may or may not also be a pedant, I don’t know him. But that was not the incredible new singing version I expected when I clicked play.

But it was a clever lipsync.

There’s got to be an ozone pun in there somewhere, but they all the ones I think of sound like characters from The Incredibles.


You’re both a drag!


Ohhhh! With tha small ‘p’!!


That was my thought. I clicked, and based on the headline I expected brilliant singing. The performance was cute, but not what the headline suggested. I don’t think it is “pedantry” to point out misleading headlines.


Ilsa? She Wolf of the SS?

The character is named Elsa.

I think this post was designed to ferret out pedants.


Dear Sirs,

I am writing today in response to your article ‘Incredible Performance of “Let it Go” from Frozen’, dated this 9th of December 2014.

As a person of no small discrimination regarding the quality of performance I choose to invest my hard won spare time enjoying, I went into the two and a half minute video presentation with extremely high expectations of the calibre of singing I would enjoy, based upon your recommendation of it as an, and I quote, “Incredible Performance”. After all, the original is a classic of our time, so any new performance of this masterpiece that could reasonably be described as “Incredible” must be a spectacle to make Gods cry.

Imagine my surprise when, not two minutes into the video presentation, I realised the performer was not singing at all, but miming to the original, in some sort of parodic comical routine?

I am very disappointed in Boing Boing for this misleading headline description.

Yours Sincerely,

Very Disappointed in Boing Boing for This Misleading Headline Description.


No, the performance is drag!





Thank you for your feedback,



Very droll. You have a talent, Sir, a real talent. That is, without a doubt, the finest roasted straw man I’ve seen all day.



6 character minimum


Call me pedant, but I think today’s the 8th of December.






You’re an pedant. It is clearly the 9th. Quit living in the past.


Huh. Does that count for seven hours ago?

In any case, Happy Birthday to me!

The rest of you are up too late and should get your sleep-deprived asses back to bed!


Dear Mr. Petersen,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding my letter to Boing Boing regarding their recent article entitled ‘Incredible Performance of “Let It Go” from Frozen’.

I hope this missive finds you well. For myself, the weather has been very warm and quite uncomfortably humid here in New South Wales, and I find myself deafened by thunder most every night this last week.

In regard to your concerns about the date I offered in the aforementioned communication with Boing Boing, I would draw your attention to our relative proximity to the International Date Line, upon my side of which the article was indeed published on this, the 9th day of December, 2014.

I do hope this information eases any concerns you may have about the accuracy of my letter, and the fundamental nature of time and space in general.

Yours Sincerely,
Quite Enjoying Long Form Outdated Communication but Not Getting Much Work Done.