Incredible rocket's eye view of trip to space and back during SpaceX's 200th orbital flight (video)

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That was cool. Is there a way to slow down the playback to a more realistic rate?

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You can see more videos on their YouTube channel, but not this exact one. There’s a longer video with full commentary for flight 161, which was the first flight of 2023.

Liftoff is at about 9:45. The Twitter video doesn’t show any of the satellite launches, but much later in the YouTube video you can see some of those, at 1:33:00 for instance.


I’d have liked to see the other end of the rocket where, presumably, 100 satellites were spewed out like confetti in the brief period the rocket was in orbit.

ETA @jmv these were not the same flights? @pesco says one was 8.5 minutes and the one you show is an hour and a half. How do they offload 100 satellites in a few minutes? Or was all that edited out of the ‘take-off and land’ video?

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The take-off-an-land video only shows what the first stage rocket was doing. It doesnt show the 2nd stage continuing on, discarding the fairings, and deploying the payload. Other videos show what the 2nd stage was doing


Ah - thanks. That was not clear before.

In fact…

the perfect launch and return of a Falcon 9 rocket delivering more than 100 small satellites

…actively confuses the issue.

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Yeah, they were not the same flights. It was flight 161 and 200.


Thank you :+1:

I went out to watch this one last week. I was about 13 mi from the launch pad and 8.5 mi from the landing site. Great views right into both pads from the ground with binoculars. The rocket is flying in like a frickin’ missle on return. You see it and think “there’s no way that can slow down” and then, it does! And the sonic boom that comes with it is such a wicked kick in the pants.


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