Incredibly-designed record players of yore


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It has to include the Bang & Olufsen Beocenter I’d hope.

A different Beocenter which is equally interesting

I also loved their linear tracking turntables like this one

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I worked in a shop that had some high-end stereo equipment. There was one Gammon turntable. ‘Incredible’ barely begins to scratch the surface of the design of that thing.

(It was, like, designed to look expensive and to be expensive.)

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Technics 1200 mk 2.

through superior design, it enabled music to be transformed, culturally as well as construction/sound. there’s eye-candy, audiophile advances, and portability advances in the pics, but design doesn’t get any more incredible than completely changing the game.

they are a joy to use, especially if you like looping breaks.

I know they aren’t super rare (available on amazon), but I do love these. A simple player that is nicely deconstructed.

Now if we could only eliminate dust from the planet records would actually be listenable.

Doesn’t get much simpler than

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