Incredibly sensible notes on software engineering, applicable to the wider world

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Don’t increase the cognitive load of common use cases for the sake of niche use cases, even minimally.

I’m a designer and I am always surprised how often I am in conversations with engineers who have to be talked down from wanting some tiny edge case scenario to be accommodated in the UI.

I usually point out that we should not piss off the majority for the sake of the minority. But it’s hard work convincing them. I think it’s something to do with the engineer mindset wanting to fix bugs in more than just code.

(Cue engineers replying with lists of “what if?” scenarios. Sigh.)

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Some links from Medium should be marked [soft paywall]. I’m not a subscriber (yet), and I don’t like that a link I clicked on out of curiosity is now counting against my “free reads for the month.”

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Alan Kay, I think? Oft quoted by Larry Wall.

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