India's chickens are dosed with the world's strongest antibiotics

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Holy crap this is important and terrifying news.


I’m eating chicken right now, but not that India’s yard bird, just regular no antibiotic chicken.


Any regulations to be negotiated after Brexit might not take account of these regulations.

Much UK animal welfare legislation is already more stringent that the EU’s. There’s nothing to say there’s any link to Brexit here…


Idiots! This is the stupidest fucking thing i’ve ever heard

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so that’s why chicken soup makes you feel better! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“the wisdom of the market” will surely take antibiotic resistance into account, in its own time. If consumers have a problem with this, there are simply no capitalist remedies available. That’s a feature, not a bug!


Bad enough that they’re using any antibiotics, but Colistin, damn!

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um, sarcasm?

You think?

Depends on how much you want that trade deal.
Importing those chickens might be part of the price for being able to export something else and making money from it.

Anitbiotic abuse has been going on for decades. It was insane then and it is insane now.

What gets me is this: where are these farmers getting this stuff?

It is imperative that there be a global ban on the sale and use of this to farmers. I’m talking a military sea vessels inspecting cargo kinds of embargo.

The global deaths of this misuse is already large, but will be compounded in future.

It’s actually more insane than not acting to reduce/mitigate/reverse climate change.

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