India's Internet activists have a SOPA moment: no "poor Internet for poor people"

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Like Facebook’s scheme to lock users into their service by making that the only free bandwidth. And it isn’t even really free!


I can never figure out what everyone’s got against Mexican soup.

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@doctorow It didn’t end with that. After being rapped by TRAI for astroturfing and spam, they went ahead and created yet another astroturf campaign and tried to get everyone to “support”. This time they actually included some “answers” in the shrinkwrapped text.

Thankfully, many people became kind of cautious after the last round, and didn’t sign on.

EDIT: Incidentally, Facebook spent about 44 million USD on advertising for this campaign. Running the numbers, this would roughly work out to the amount required to give about 3000 villages high speed WiFi for a year if the costs in this article. are anything to go by.

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“Sopa” is the Spanish word for soup used by all Spanish-speaking countries…and is never used as a specific name to any soup dish in México.

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