India's telecom regulator calls Facebook's astroturfing "crude" and "dangerous"

This is how I like my regulators to be…

Not satisfied with being rapped once, FB decided to try the same thing a second time. Now they’re being rapped again in the least uncertain of terms:

Note: This is the first time that I’m hearing of a text that TRAI had mandated Facebook to share after the last couple of times they were rapped.

[quote]…your urging has the flavour of reducing this meaningful consultative exercise designed to produce informed decisions in a transparent manner into a crudely majoritarian and orchestrated opinion poll.

Neither the spirit nor the letter of a consultative process warrants such an interpretation which, if accepted, has dangerous ramifications for policy-making in India[/quote]

quote Equally of concern is your self-appointed spokesman ship on behalf of those who have sent responses to TRAI using your platform. It is noticed that you have not been authorized by your users to speak on behalf of them collectively. No disclosure in the act of sending a message to TRAI using your platform to this effect has been issued to users. The only act to which such users have consented is the following

”By clicking Send Email, you agree to let Facebook send your name and this email to the TRAI”

This does not in our view imply any consent on the part of the user to allow Facebook to speak on their behalf as you have done, urging TRAI to hear “the voice of these millions of Indians.”[/quote]

This follows up to India's telcoms regulator says it will ignore Facebook's astroturf army and Facebook's FUDdy, full-page anti-Net-Neutrality Indian newspaper ads

Note, though, that TRAI hasn’t yet made up their mind on zero rating or differential pricing, though Facebook’s antics don’t exactly seem to have done them any favours…


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