Indica and sativa: chemistry expert debunks the long-held cannabis stereotypes

That being my first try, I have no experience, but I do have mass, so I guess that gives me some tolerance. Although I can’t say I had a really noticeable, I recall feeling like some of my usual runaway brain processes calmed down, bringing me more into the moment (at least until I fell asleep!) I do know that even with the little effect I had, I liked the experience better than the once or twice in my life I’ve been drunk! (Haven’t drank in almost 20 years.)

Actually, I do know that one - my uncle had a copy of it. I seem to recall it was also available at Spencers in my teen years (1980’s), but I’ve never actually played it.

That description sounds a lot like waiting up from a low blood sugar faint! (Including the part where I scared the hell out of the partner that was dealing with it.) We were at a kink event at a campground, so luckily we had medics on the grounds that we trusted.

Absolutely, thank you! My partner that was with me didn’t have anything that night, just in case. Something I really appreciated.


Oh! Yeah, I know people that do breath play, including a few seconds of drop. No kids, don’t do this at … well, anywhere, really.

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hey, man. grew up in rural BFTexass and i knew what you were talking about when i read that in your first post. really stupid and gross.
of course i played.

eta: happy 420! :upside_down_face:


Happened to me in grammar school. The bastardo let me go and I bumped my head on the pavement pretty hard. Not recommended for anyone never mind children. Did you know Spenser Gifts used to sell live burros as pets?

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