How I use medical marijuana: vaporizers, science, weed, and cancer



Are you being served?

Found out yesterday that my use of a vaporizer and medical cannabis makes me a ‘nicotine smoker’ when shopping for life insurance. Ain’t that grand?

Anyone remember this character?

Thanks for this. I recently found myself with a prescription and no idea what to do with it, and had to muddle through the available literature. On one end you have “demon weed’s gonna getcha” brought to you by the US gubmint, and on the other hand you have “marijuana cures everything” brought to you by people who really need to do a more thorough job with their research.

Hopefully we are entering a time when real, useful research can be properly funded and executed. The book is a great start at pulling together available info into an easily digested synopsis. For me, it came about six months after I needed it, but came to the same conclusions I did.

Can I put in a plug for the company I bought a vaporizer from? Moderator, please delete if I shouldn’t be mentioning a specific company. has been nothing but friendly and efficient in all my transactions. I chose the Arizer Solo, made locally here in Toronto, and have zero complaints. To reinforce the need for better information for new patients, I previously had no idea that such things even existed.

I would mention my actual supplier but I am sort of grumpy with them. They should be legally required to ship a 10kg bag of potato chips with every order. Freaking munchies. Seriously though, it’s a wonderful world we live in: order on the web, apply 25% off web coupon, pay by credit card, ship by courier… at your door in a couple of days.


Anyone have an idea why homemade edibles gives me more of an edgy feeling? It’s not the same as smoking or vaping, for me.

11-hydroxy-tetrahydrocannabinol (link).

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He was also one of the converted Dalek robo-men in Dalek Invasion Earth. I recognized those distinctive ears in an instant!


Well, it isn’t really, since there is neither nicotine nor smoke… it just makes them sound foolish. It’s probably not a good idea to let them classify you in inaccurate ways. Insurance people can be asinine to negotiate with.


Backes.!! Great job with this interview…(and congrats on the book)

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Xeni mentioned that the video would clarify there may not be as much distinction between Indica & Sativa classifications, but I dint hear anything in the video. I’d love to hear more about it. I’ve learned through personal use that Sativa can reduce the anxiety that smoking can sometimes cause, though a definitive answer on this would be very helpful.

THC cripples one’s ability to plan and follow through. It also can cause severe anxiety. Both of these things almost prevented me from reaching my 30’s. Even low THC, high CBD pot makes me feel like my world is crashing down around my ears. Purified CBD works well for me to treat pain. My sister, who is a grower, suffers from extreme depression and anxiety, and somehow can’t seem to connect that to her voracious consumption of pot. I am about as far from anti-drug as someone can be. I regularly consume entheogens for psychonautical journeying. However, I cannot use pot. It is poison to me. It is likely very dangerous for other folks as well. I have never once heard a pot evangelist, dispensary worker, grower, etc. ever acknowledge this. In fact to hear the “expert” in this video invoke the many thousand year history of the use of pot as proof of its safety is very worrying. Pot is an dangerous as any drug, even if lethal overdose is not an issue. We need to be well educated in that so we can negotiate our own pharmacological self determination.


What is more important than simplistic Indica/Sativa distinctions appears to be the content of specific essential oils produced by the cannabis plant, in addition to the variety’s cannabinoid content. These terpenes are responsible for modifying the effects of THC, the sole cannabinoid found in quantity in the most common drug cannabis cultivars. For example, the indica effect is commonly characterized as being more sedative than the stimulating effects associated with sativa cultivars. This sedative “indica” effect is strongly linked to the presence of a terpene called myrcene. Ethan Russo wrote an excellent paper about the chemical constituency of cannabis called Taming THC. Highly recommended.


You mischaracterize the point that I am trying to convey in the video. Adverse effects of cannabis can be minimized through careful attention to dose. We have a much more appropriate conception of dosing LSD than cannabis. Many people that use cannabis medicinally, recreationally or in some combination, consume far in excess of what I recommend. I advocate using the minimum effective dose and no more. I find your statement about high-CBD low-THC cannabis odd, since at a ratio of 9:1 CBD to THC, a consumer should experience no psychoactivity whatsoever. Period. Impugning the medicinal efficacy of CBD is unfair and simply not supported by evidence. And I never claim that cannabis is any sort of panacea, as it certainly is not, but that cannabis can be used as an effective medicine when dosed intelligently and with considerable restraint.



If these had been the first two sentences in your post, I would have no issue with anything else you said about pot.

Like nicotine or ethanol? Because the excess mortality due to abuse is identical?

I envy you this, but I’m really perplexed that you classify entheogens as okay, but pot as “…likely very dangerous…”


Did you read that sentence before hitting the “Reply” button? Take another look at it.

Rarely in history has so much effort been invested in trying to establish the negative effects of a substance, with so little result, as with pot.

The information provided in this video and reinforced by @mdbackes comments above is the best education anyone can offer, know your dose.


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And not delta-11 as I mistakenly say in the video. It’s 11-hydroxy-delta-9-THC

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