Individual FBI agents can be sued for blackmailing potential informants with no-fly list threats


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This is kind of surprising. You can’t sue government officials for performing the duties of their job, and that has been held in the past to cover even egregious violations like this. It will be interesting to see if this withstands appeal. I would be interested to learn exactly how the judge drew the line.


The government was arguing against these men having a cause of action, which is what the court tossed out. This case only ruled that the RFRA says what it says, that individual government employees can be held liable for violating religious freedoms (which should already have been covered under 42 U.S. 1983, but never mind). The normal qualified immunity defense you’re talking about still has to be decided by the lower court.


Based on my understanding that the No-Fly list is primarily name-based, isn’t the threat to an informant actually a threat to all individuals coincidentally having the same name?


Why do you want the terrorists to win? Why?


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i suspect we’ll be seeing a decrease in such incremental court victories after the current administration finishes its rapid deployment of new judges


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