Inexpensive chef's knife on sale for $10

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I’d recognize that knife anywhere - that’s cheapass chef Boyardee’s knife.


Someone’s trying to ditch a murder weapon.


I’m a big fan of cheap restaurant supply knives. But I’ve never heard anything nice (or really at all) about Winco’s. Nearly everything else they make is the commercial grade standard. Tongs, pots, carts, tables, whisks, bar tools. For $10 its probably worth trying but I wouldn’t expect any great shakes out of it. The ones to look for are Dexter Russel (but only certain lines, I’d check them out first, I like the v-lo’s), Mundial, various unbranded Asian knives, Kiwi, Messermeister, and the Victorinox Fibrox which seem more common in home environments than professional. The J A Henkel’s International line are similar quality to a lot of these. But their more expensive making them not worth it, unless you can catch a sale. If you can get them at or below a typical $20-$40 commercial grade beater price then they’re a good buy. It usually a good idea to resharpen/regrind these sorts of knives. They’re machine sharpened, often poorly.


would it make a good throwing knife, Ryu?


Why would $4 suddenly make a cheap knife a deal? Is this a test to see how many people reflexively buy any mentioned piece of crap through BoingBoing’s Amazon referrals without stopping to think?


I love my Fibrox 8" chef’s.


If you’re hankering so spend ~$10-20 bucks for kitchen kinves, I’d buy this instead and just keep the knife you have reasonably sharp. You use all three stones to put an edge on a dull knife and just the finer ones to keep the knife sharp. It’s not going to be some super sharp slicing wafer thin tomatoes edge but it will be usable for most purposes if you just run it over the fine wheels ever few uses…

Good god no! Only get one of those if you hate your knives.

A simple whet stone is cheaper and far more effective.


What did you get to sharpen your knives with, Charlie Brown?



Exactly, all ya need is the right rock…
Who the feck has time to sharpen knives? And why would you want to use a substandard substance like metal for ones blade?
I just plopped a giant piece of obsidian in the middle of the garden and whenever I need to cut something I send the kids out with a hammer to get a new hunk for me. Perfect for microtoming a roast.


I love me this knife I was gifted for XMAS:

Made of X50CrMoV15 steel. Worth exploring the different types of steel here:

This type is super stainless but won’t hold an edge. Not good for knives unless you intend to never take care of them.

Victorinox is a step up at heat treated 440 high carbon steel. Not as good as some modern steels but the best you’re likely to do at less than $100, and well worth the extra $15 over this one. Doesn’t look as cool, being stamped, but what matters is the steel.

The nerds at Cook’s Illustrated swear by it.

If I had to use those handles I guarantee I would bleed out within a week. I’ve never been comfortable with them over at friend’s houses.

In what way? I’ll admit it took me a bit to get used to it being much lighter and sharper than my old JA Henkels chef’s knife.

The transition from handle to blade is all the same metal and it slopes down. I just prefer a different texture and I need more grip on my handles to feel comfortable. People obviously like them, and I am a huge fan of people using what they like, but they’re not for me.

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This looks great but how would I sharpen them? I only allow my Wustoff-Trident knives on my belt sander so as to not disrupt the magnetic resonance of a properly seasoned sanding belt.



A properly arranged Bose-Einstein Condensate can create a servicable edge. Just pass your blade through the groove a few times and you’ll be able to use it to split atoms.


Looking forward to your Cool Tools entry on what to do with off-the-shelf Bose-Einstein Condensates. That’s going to be some fine garnish. Then we can say things like ‘most people don’t eat the pickled ginger, because it divides possible futures into evenly spaced swathes until you eat it again in the same spot.’