Inexpensive unicorn-shaped speaker met with middling user reviews

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“the horn doesn’t even stay in place once it it attached,” warns Froggy.

I agree. The horn blows.


Yes but what no one’s talking about is, it looks like the left ear is the volume knob? SOLD!

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Yes but…BUT…it is a unique horn.


And when it falls off, the speaker is a little hoarse!


I thought it said “sneaker” - now I want unicorn sneakers - wah

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“It requires a chord…”

An interesting property for a speaker.

I’m a little surprised Mark F. isn’t trying to get us to buy it.

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The reviews are legit!

I’m going to wait until they’re almost sold out just so I can say I bought The Last Unicorn.

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That would be really rare.

Is it true that they only play music from the Virgin label?

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