Infected trilogy author Scott Sigler: "A tattoo is the ultimate love letter from the fan to the creator"


I know how it feels. I made some fan art for the band KMFDM and they liked part of it so much that they used it for their corporate entity logo. So it’s this little logo in the corners of the CD book etc. One day on face book I saw a guy who got the logo on his arm. I know he picked it because he liked the band - but the band is known for their iconic album covered by BRUTE!, so it was humbling that he chose the one I did.

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getting blue triangle tats is one thing…giving the chicken scissors a stare down is another.

i didn’t care for his books. very imaginative but boring.

@Jason_Bass: Sorry you didn’t enjoy them, but I’m glad I got a shot at entertaining you. Yeah, there are a couple of chicken scissors tats out there. Serious stuff. This one in particular freaks me out a little:

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That’s fantastic. Makes me wonder if some tats based on my work will wind up on a book cover someday.

Everywhere I go there you are Scott, The SGU, Surly Amy’s and BB (ya, I don’t go a lot of places)

Congrats on the third book and all the success Scott!

@TacoChucks It’s been a busy couple of years, for sure, and thanks!

@IronEdithKidd Oy, it’s been so long since I worked on that book, my best guess is the complex on Glencoe Hills Drive. Last time I worked on the actual locations for that book would have been about ten years ago.

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Sorry about that.

My first tattoo was “So it goes” on my right shoulderblade after Kurt Vonnegut died. Sure, it’s about as cliche a Kurt Vonnegut tattoo as you can imagine, but it’s meaningful to me; so what if it’s also meaningful to a lot of other people.

I’ve got other tattoos since then: bigger, more detailed, more technically impressive tattoos. And I like them just fine, but “So it goes” will always be my favorite and will always be the one that I’m most excited to show people. Even though it involves taking my shirt off in public places.

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Thanks for sticking around to reply. I’ll admit, I’m behind on reading. So far behind that I’ve got a stack on my bedstand. I’m not even sure what’s in it right now. I think Contagion is in that pile somewhere.

I do have one burning question about Infected: what the hell “huge” apartment complex on Washtenaw is anywhere near a party store?

Thanks for the reminder that your new book’s out Scott!
I always look forward to your writing.

And as for the topic, I’ve never been brave enough to go for a tat, but I can understand why people go for body-horror ones. Your writing makes for excellent subject material.

Personally I loved the books, I’ve been waiting for the third. The concepts in the books really stuck in my mind, making those tattoos both awesome and intensely creepy at the same time.

As long as it isn’t an infected tat, just an Infected tat… De gustibus.

Funny, I’m certain the reaction from many writers (perhaps more women than men) would be “Dear God, what if they hate my next book? Now they’ll be marked forever with a reminder of something they hate! Arg, the responsibility!”

FYI: most people with tattoos and tattoo artists don’t call them “tats”; at least in the US.

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