Breaking Bad tattoos


I bet someone got a “Who Shot J.R.?” tattoo back in the day.

Clearly, despite her introduction, the author knows nothing about tattoo culture.

How incredibly stupid.

I’m all in, it can be done with lasers.

I’m still regretting my Gilligan’s Island one.

Although tattoos can indeed be incredibly stupid, and IMO it’s quite a job to come up with something that I’d consider worthwhile, this sort of comment always profoundly annoys me.

Incredibly stupid according to who? You’re obviously not the one getting the tatts, so who gives a damn what you think? Would you be so quick to call a masterful tattoo of say, Michelangelo’s David ‘incredibly stupid’? Because if so, I’m pretty sure anyone even mildly interested in tattoos would be completely uninterested in anything you have to say on the matter…

There are no shortage of folks who regard BB as the greatest thing ever to be broadcast, and now that telly is becoming an old medium, I think that means it’s pretty safe to say Breaking Bad indubitably qualifies as High Art.

And this…

…this is an homage par fucking excellence.

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I always want to see tattoos featured in smarter circles than just " look at this crazy bad decision…" Sites on the web, so seeing a piece on BB made me smile…But I doubt you would discuss a book without the author’s name clearly noted at the beginning rather than as an afterthought, so “redit” and “tumbler” or god forbid “Pinterest” aren’t the source, thanks for naming some of the artists and shops but please consider the artist and or shop as important details to include out front. Tattoos are done in real time on a non virtualized platform called “physical reality” and a human made that happen.


I was pretty taken with the concept of the Jolly Roger Walt, but I felt like the execution left a bit to be desired…

Here’s my remix. Took a few pains to get more of a likeness…

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