Buy a random permanent tattoo from this vending machine

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I hope I get that ironic hipster one that says WOW across an upside down heart.


I guess I’m an old fart who missed the “tat train” by just a few years, but if you can’t decide what you want to wear on your skin for the rest of your life, perhaps nothing might be best rather than random?


That’ll just disappoint MOM :disappointed_relieved:

This is certainly a better idea than the “get a random tattoo I decide to give you” art project I heard of a while back. (Too lazy to Google it…)

I’m not sure about this.



Giving people tattoos that they probably shouldn’t be getting in the first place? Who is this artist? Oh he’s involved in Ink Masters? The show known for giving people mostly horrible tattoos, and experts that are actually bringing the industry a bad name by trivializing what a commitment tattoos are?

Yeah this makes total sense now.


They know their customers, I’ll give them that.


“You don’t have to be smart to get a… tattoo”

This place knows its customers.


Yeah, like I’ve always got 400 quarters in my pocket!


I have no tattoos but admire cool ones; but that show creeps me out. Might as well be America’s Next Plastic Surgeon.


The problem i have with the show is that it’s not setting up the tattoo artists for success but for failure, because that would be more “entertaining” for the viewer. The show format is wrong for the subject matter. I would like it much better if the format was not a reality show type competition that forced artists to come up with elaborate masterpieces on the spot. Sometimes they’re pieces that the customer doesn’t even want. That’s not how the real world works, in the real world if an artist needs extra time to make a tattoo the best it can be they will generally get it if the customer doesn’t want a fucked up or sub par piece. I think that all the experts/veteran artists in that show should be ashamed of themselves for lowering the bar for tattooing as an art form.


I was on a waiting list for 18 months for my last tattoo from one of Austin’s most respected artists, and it was worth the wait. He isn’t the sort of guy you’d see on reality TV. He didn’t need reality TV because he isn’t a desperate showboater.


That’s pretty cool :smiley: I don’t have any tattoos but if i did i would want to make sure that i could trust the artist, and that the artist is good with the design request in question. If i had to wait a year or more to get the best possible version of a tattoo than i happily would, i would not want to pressure some unknown artist to me, whose strengths/weaknesses i don’t know and tell him to give me the perfect tattoo on the spot. It’s not fair to the artist nor to the person receiving a shitty tattoo that shouldnt’ve happened.

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All five of mine can be covered with a long sleeved shirt and pants when I want. That was my longest wait because the artist was extraordinarily gifted with creating depth through shading.

But even when I’ve worked with artists with less of a waiting list, they did a consultation to work with me on design and then presented me with some ideas for feedback. I’ve also stuck with the same artist when I find one that’s right for me in the city I’m living in. But my previous artist was in LA.

The premise of those tattoo shows is…well, I suppose it works for some people for whom their 15 seconds of fame is their priority. But I agree it reflects poorly on the industry.


Hey! I just created a 360 video for the Halloween “bubble gum” gamble night:

This 360 video was a couple of weeks ago:

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Somehow I think his idea of “not a bad design” and my idea of that may differ in some respects.

I’d laugh my ass off if someone used that machine and the first thing that pops out is a Tweety Bird with the caption “Bitch Please” or something.

Then behind you the artist pipes up “Oh, you’re lucky! I’d usually charge $250 for that.”


Calvin and Hobbes peeing AGAIN? That is the fifth one i’ve gotten this week…




They’re all supposed to be “classic” designs. I’d expect skulls, roses, dangerous animals, that sort of thing.