Geeky temporary tatts: TATTONOMY


Tattoo + time = regret.

Everything is always changing. Including you.

That’s a conveniently undisprovable argument, because for the millions of people who present themselves as counterexamples, you can just say that not enough time has passed. Like a faith healer saying you didn’t have enough faith, or a prophet of the end of the world who knows it’s definitely coming soon just not yet

Anyway, they’re temporary tattoos, so unless your threshold for regret is remarkably low, I think you should be okay


I’m going for the RAGE MOVE finger tats…

I bought a kit:


My sample (all my tattooed friends) support my argument. Win!

Don’t go changing!

Lol. And all my tattooed friends support mine.

Absolutely any major decision can be regretted, and people change all the time. Avoiding things you might regret is a recipe for never doing anything at all.

You could just as easily say, the person who chooses to go to college isn’t the same person who’s stuck paying the debt. People change, and I know a guy who regrets going to college - his goals changed and the field he studied no longer interests him.

Or, you should never have kids, because you’re going to be stuck with them for, like, twenty years! What if you change during that time and you don’t want to do the whole parent thing anymore - you try finding a clinic to laser off your five year old.

20 years? More. I have evidence.


That is a beautiful collection, I am mesmerized by it.

Damn! Another site deemed by the DOI internet filter to be ‘Suspicious’…

I think Dr. Will Kirby is going to be the richest guy in the world with his company, Dr. Tattoff

I don’t regret my ink. The trick is to wait until after your 20’s, and design something that has meaning to you, not what they have on the wall.


Yup… I agree.

Maybe your friends are just fickle websta?

Anyone who wants to buy these: People with actual tattoos will make fun of you once they realise these aren’t real. You can easily tell.

According to a 2013 Pew poll, only 17% " have some regret after getting their tattoo"

I’m a fan of temporary tattoos for a simple reason: I’m sure I want one, and I’m sure I know what I want… I’m just not sure where to put it. I’d love to try it out for a while before I commit.

Why does change have to = regret? That’s what it seems you’re implying. Craig Ferguson made a statement once on his Late Late Show. This is a total paraphrase. He does not mind that his tattoos change as he grows older; and he will not regret his tattoos as they grow and change with his aging body. His tattoos are part of him. They are part of his story. His life story includes getting older; heck, the story of life IS aging. And part of growing older is a changing body – a body he is proud of. A body that has served him well.

I don’t have tattoos, and probably never will get one, but everyone I’ve met who has and loves tattoos feels the same as Craig does. Their bodies change, and so do their tattoos. It’s part of their life story. Sagging tattoos and all. It’s not something to regret; it’s something to embrace and be proud of.

If this is true…

And this is true

Would it also hold that this is true:

posting on the internet + time = regret. 

I just image-googled sharpie, actually.

I think I just happened across an amazing, groundbreaking idea: some people like some things, other people like other things.

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I get that everyone is upset about the comment made regarding tattoos being a recipe for regret, but what about the assertion that they are “the best form of self expression?” Sorry, but I can think of a multitude of ways in which I can express myself, none of which are in any way inferior to having someone draw pictures on my body.