Temporary tattoos by accomplished tattoo artists


I did not know there are famous tattoers.

I actually use high quality temporary tattoos quite often whenever I get the urge to go and get some work that goes below my elbows. I’m neatly covered by a t-shirt and trousers, yet sometimes I wonder - why stop there?
I’ve found that people hardly notice the inside of the forearm, but once visible, peoples reactions to you changes, most specifically when out shopping.

For a lark I once put a large temp tattoo on my neck before traveling across the American SouthWest (Denver to Tucson) and at many rest stops/convenience stores, especially those in small towns, it was a bit of an inverted E.F. Hutton (reference for those that don’t know it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9jfaIwcvbk)

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