Electronic temporary tattoo measures how drunk you are

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/08/08/475835.html

@pesco, you may want to fix the title on this.

How can this be described as a tattoo? It’s a sensor stuck to the skin.


You’re thinking inked tattoo. The sensor (below the circuit) is closer to those “temporary tattoo” decals.

How drunk? Drunk enough to get a tattoo anyhow.


Fixed, thanks.

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I’m sorry, but no, for it to work, you need a big flappy circuit board attached to it - it is exactly a big flappy circuit board taped to your skin in two places. This is about as much a temp tattoo as this guy is presidential


Topped: I just invented a temporary tattoo that opens garage doors - where’s my BB front page coverage?


Cold fish”? Awww.

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These are already being used by the government to monitor people, albeit in ankle-bracelet form, rather than flexible “tattoo” form.

I can see new party games…

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