Insane random mashups of King James Bible and programming textbook


This is mildly interesting in an odd way. Or the other way round.

I did the same thing a few years ago! But a bit less polished :slight_smile:

I’ve periodically reimplemented the “poor man’s Markov chain” approach used in the Emacs “Dissociated Press” toy. Oddly meditative, when run with the right parameters. And trying to read it aloud can be an interesting acting exercise.

[quote=“technogeekagain, post:5, topic:15725, full:true”]Oddly meditative
That was the word I was looking for.

WHILE Like=True;
IF Xtian = true THEN;
DO (UntoOthers);
Label.txt(“Error: YourWays encountered a fatal error at hello.”)


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