Insiders claim that Google's internet-fixing Jigsaw is a toxic vanity project for its founder, where women keep a secret post-crying touchup kit in the bathroom

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Would you like to moderate the internet?


It’s 2019. What the actual fuck. Just treat people decently. If your business is so amazing that you need to be an asshole to do it; that’s a shitty business.


“as CEO, I take this responsibility seriously and I’m committed to ensuring we continue to improve.”

Let’s translate the subtext here:

“as CEO, I take this responsibility seriously and I’m committed to doubling down on the character flaws that my meditation instructor says are the very things that make me a great leader. I will work with PR firms and Alphabet management to ensure that we no longer talk to the press or leak reports of internal abuse and will do everything in my power to fix this problem unless it involves personal sacrifice, introspection, or changes that would inconvenience me or members of my cabal in any way. As CEO, I deeply resent that you underlings have brought problems I am complicit in creating to light and forced me to put any effort into addressing them and I assure you that retaliation will be conducted to the greatest extent permitted by legal and HR.”


Yikes, get thee behind me Satan.


Unfortunatly that’s my band’s government’s name.

*part vent / part joke. smdh.

Hopefully we can change that next election though!


An organisation can have the most intelligent and talented employees in the world, but with “leadership” like this it will be lucky to live up to half of its potential.


“D̶o̶n̶’̶t be evil”


The tell was their listing “censorship” as the first issue to fix.

edit: Probably edited to “censorship” from “ethics in game journalism.”

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Or to paraphrase:

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves .


From what Ive seen and understand, most Google bathrooms if it’s a semi permanent or permanent office, have cosmetics and sundry items available for both male and female and other bathrooms. Not to take anything away from their accusation but I hope it’s not the author making the assumption that because the bathrooms are so well stocked with emergency items.

Doesn’t sound much different from most NGOs. Did you really think Google’s billionaire founders want a new america?

I think that’s exactly where he likes to be.


We all want a new America.

New America is Google’s State Department.


I’m skeptical about the intentions and trustworthiness of any entity within Google supposedly dedicated to protecting us against surveillance (which is their business model, after all) and censorship. Google, and specifically Jared Cohen, is very closely aligned with the U.S. national security state and foreign policy establishment. The book “When Google Met Wikileaks” is quite a fascinating read throughout but this excerpt has some intriguing backstory on Cohen and then-CEO Eric Schmidt:

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