Insider's report of Daily Mail Online: "dishonesty, theft of copyrighted material, and sensationalism so absurd that it crosses into fabrication"


So are we just ignoring the fact that this article about journalistic integrity is being published on Gawker of all places?


This is news?


Weird. I always thought tDM was the UK’s The Onion, but mocking their epsilon-minus proles instead of middle-class white-bread hipsters.

As journalism the Mail sucks, but sometimes they dig deep to find the most and (sometimes) best photos for a story, compared to other sources. I’m fairly visually-oriented so sometimes I’ll go to the Mail for photos and then to a real news source for the actual story.

But “Daily Fail,” yeah - I get it.

And yet Gawker is better about certain aspects of journalistic integrity than BB is sometimes (They don’t put affiliate links in their news or editorial posts - those go in the sponsored commerce team posts; and they are often better about correcting errors than, say, Cory is. (I haven’t done a methodological study, so my impressions could be wrong, but those are my impressions of Gawker vs. BB based on casual daily reading of both.))

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Kinja tho.

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And they put the very best photos on page 3, am I right?

Not the hate-Mail. Page 3 is where they blame single mothers and asylum seekers for the ills of the world.

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I just dropped in to unwarrantedly compare your comments to another commenter in this thread.

I find you lacking sir! Your sarcasm is less verbose and your charlatanism fails to impress even the most slack-jawed dullard. Whilst your air of insult and approbation of satirical character are supreme, you fail to live up to even the most rudimentary assholeism required of your standing.
(I haven’t done a methodological study, so my impressions could be wrong but those are my impressions of Gilbertwham vs. Sceptic based on casual daily reading of both.)

These people would go away if “we” didn’t buy/visit their newspapers/sites.

But unfortunately “we” do buy/visit them, frequently, and make them a lot of money in the process.

I dunno, I read it online and I’m mostly interested in old coins and other archeological finds in the UK, which believe it or not are often covered by the Mail.

Isn’t the Sun the one with the notorious page three?

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I don’t know, really. I only ever saw it at the barber while waiting my turn, and I’m no longer in the UK.

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