Daily Mail insists it isn't a copycat, sues Gawker

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I should think that if a local man had a severed hand on his garden gate and was trying to distract with a bunch of flowers, I’d circle it in red, as well. YMMV


But the devils are in the details, lawsuits are very expensive to fight, and Gawker is known to be getting tired of them, so here we are.

BB is being sued? Oh do tell!

That is just thing and his lover jerry! This photo was from the “Where are they now” expose on The Adam’s Family!


Incompetent photoshopping, or questionable sourcing of fertilizer?

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#Tasty Meat Pies

or “hotdish”, where I grew up.

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I’d like to see them make that claim under oath.

Not as much as I’d like to see everyone who’s ever worked there burn to death, but still.

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I try not to go to The Daily Fail because of their shitty journalism, if you could call it that.

I’ll repost my recent critique of the well established publication;

the daily mail is a pathetic shitrag, home to unapologetic nazi sympathisers.

5 word review = “how is this shitrag allowed?”

And it emerges that they are plagiarists also, who have a place in hell between rapists and estate agents.

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