Hulk Hogan's lawyer in Gawker case now helping Melania Trump sue Daily Mail over 'Escort' story


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Oh, my heart would bleed if the Daily Mail were to be killed.

Sadly the Harmsworths have an awful lot of money.


Would the death of the Daily Mail make up for having to put up with Trump for the last couple of months? Tough call. I’d be inclined to say no, if only because the disappearance of the Daily Mail could just mean that something almost as awful would move in to fill the vacuum.


The Daily Trump, probably.


So wait, the Daily Mail might be sued into the ground for printing untruths?


So now she’s copying a lawsuit?


Could we put the all litigants and their lawyers on the next Facebook rocket launch and hope for the best possible outcome?


Maybe I’m missing something, but this seems like a huge miscalculation on behalf of the Trumps. In the middle of an election season, the last thing you want is public and legitimate inquiry into the more salacious elements of your spouse’s life. If their charge is that the article was 100% false, the Daily Mail is likely to provide what evidence it has that the article has merit. Meaning that we are likely to see weeks, if not months, of headlines questioning Melania’s legitimacy as an American resident, as well as her possible past as a sex worker.


We’ll need to see her long form birth certificate.


My guess is they wouldn’t go to press without covering their ass, but IANAB.


They may be covering their ass…but evidently Mrs. Trump did not.

FWIW, I don’t give a tinker’s dam about her past as a model and/or escort. I do care about her immigration status.

As an aside: should Trump win the election, would we refer to Mrs. Trump as the FLOTE (First Lady Of The Evening)?


Remember when people were getting the vapors because our current First Lady allowed herself to be photographed with exposed arms?



The UK is known to have vicious libel laws. How do tabloids like the Daily Mail stay in business?


Based on past form, it is almost certain you are not missing something.

—insert eating popcorn gif—


I smell a bestseller.


BoingBoing to the rescue!

tl;dr they use code to skirt libel laws


Beat me to it!


“Have you or your loved ones been maligned or slandered on a blog, YouTube video, tabloid, middle school journalism class project, or any other public means of communication? Call Roger M. E. Rich Attorneys at Law.”

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“Roger M.E. Rich sued when they said my vajayjay stank and made me MON-NAY

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Welcome to the information age. Sad, but inevitable. Without the means of addressing these things, it falls to opportunists and agendas.


Corruption, blackmail and influence-peddling.