Melania Trump suit from 'Gawker-killer' lawyer claims harm to 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' to make millions

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Well, there goes all that sympathy.

What’s the worst case here? Either Trump loses or The Daily Heil loses. I’d be delighted with either.

I wonder if Piers Moron will side with his employers or his odious buddy?


The lady knows how to make money.


She’s probably got a pre-nup limiting how much of The Donald’s money she can get if they divorce, because he’s the kind of negative-billionaire who’d do that, and otherwise it might expose his tax returns.
News articles have also indicated that she wasn’t legally allowed to work when she first moved to the US to do modeling, so Trump knew she was an illegal immigrant at the time. (I’m just fine with any adult being allowed to work in this country, but Trump’s not so it’s still hypocritical for him to bash immigrants.)


I’m sorry, I don’t read the Daily Mail.

What’s all this I’m learning about Melania Trump being a whore because of a high profile lawsuit?


Wait, wait, wait. So, if that’s the case, then isn’t her marriage to Donald a violation of the emoluments clause or some such? Would he not, potentially, be forced to divest, or put her in a blind trust, or take some other action to isolate himself and the office from her international business and financial connections?

Clever girl…


Comment from the WaPo site -

“Emoluments law flaws claws”


Ah, damn. That’s much pithier than mine…


I’m no lawyer, but even to my simple mind, that’s a rather… bold claim to make in a lawsuit. Damn.


Doesn’t she have better things to work on now that she’s first lady other than making money on expensive garbage and furthering her personal brand? Disgusting…


It’s why her husband ran for office.


You mean she might have to be put in a deposit box in the State of Delaware for the duration?


Unfortunately the worst case here is another legal judgement setting the precedent that entire news outlets can be shuttered by high-powered law suits. They’re being smart now, going after loathsome bottom-feeding organizations. Sadly, once the genie is out of the bottle, any media outlet could be in jeopardy if they print something that pisses off the rich and powerful.

The problem with one’s enemies going at each other, is that it doesn’t always weaken the foe that survives, sometimes it strengthens them.


I have a suspicion though that journalists - inquisitive and evidence-gathering by training and nature - might have a lot more on tap to throw at ztchrump and co than they have previously done.

The last … 90 years have played an uneasy balance between showing the dirt and getting more access. It may now be simply that under assault, the journalistic community sheds its inhibitions and goes all out.

I hope.


It is like watching Godzilla fight Mecha-Godzilla; whoever wins, we all lose.


Her husband has claimed that his name is worth $3,000,000,000.


I really don’t care if she was a sex worker or not before making a marriage for financial comfort; lots of people do worse things, and it’s none of my business. I suppose there is an element that, if she is being abused/bullied by the short-fingered vulgarian, she is choosing, in her turn, to use what power/influence/resources she has to bully someone else. Fortunately (for everyone else) in this instance she is choosing to bully someone who is a bully in their own way, and the chain is lengthened. I wonder if there is a possibility that if this went badly enough for the DM, that it could close them down? An outcome to be prayed for fervently by all of us, I think.


If it significantly damages the Daily Mail, I’m fine with it. The Donald is going to crash her ‘brand’ all on his ownsome. This is one of those times when the collateral damage is a good thing. Fuck em both.


I bet the first couple are divorced in six months, in perfect synergy with the premier of “Presidential Bachelor” on ABC (eat garbage, NBC!). Grabbing em by the pussy will be the catch phrase. Just watch



Okay, here’s where we diverge. I’m thinking that she’s basically told what to do and where to go and who to sue and what papers to sign (at this point). I doubt there’s a prenup that works in her favor and it’s far far more likely that if one exists, the prenup guarantees her getting…wait, let me think of the precise phrase…“Royally Screwed” or “Less Than Zero”.

I can’t see trump being honest with anyone. Signing a contract with him is to become an enemy combatant anytime those contract details are in question or in context so that if/when he brings her papers (or someone else does), she has one of two choices: Go along and sign, or get screwed contractually (and definitely in any other ways trump can manage because he’s a dirtbag plain and simple).