Melania Trump suit from 'Gawker-killer' lawyer claims harm to 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' to make millions

Ivana had that kind of prenup and she contested it and won, she got a huge divorce settlement because the prenup was old and not specific enough. And Marla got a shit load because she had a baby out of wedlock and he acknowledged her as his child. He’s not going to make that mistake again. (WHY DO I KNOW ALL THIS SHIT AGH)

That all said, I sincerely doubt that this lawsuit was her idea. And I doubt very much that she has any choice or say in the matter.


@wrecksdart - bingo! There is no way you can convince me that this was her idea or that she did anything other than sign where she was told. Maybe in exchange for being able to stay in NYC away from him? I don’t know. But to think she’s the mastermind behind this? No way.


Won’t this open her up to discovery on how she was planning to profit from being First Lady? That could be interesting.

She does however misunderstand the new market. The White House is now a branch office of the Kremlin. And as Donny says - to the victor goes the spoils.


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But she has chosen NOT to be FLOTUS. She’s staying in NYC rather than take the job. Did she lie when she said it was because of her child? Is it really because she was a whore? Did the media make her become a whore? Did the media force her to do her porn shoots? Did the media force her to immigrate illegally? Melania made her own choices in her life. She should take responsibility for them.


Word. Agency, duz she haz it?

There are a lot of rich people out there. Some (Most?) are assholes. She chose bigly asshole Trump. That IS something we can blame/ridicule her for.

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Wait - but she’s so much classier than Michele Obama.


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I am always amazed how some people of fortune can act like they lived in a trailer park.


Can we not?


What does that even mean? “Take responsibility”? I’m serious.

I hear this from antichoicers a lot. That women need to take responsibility for their actions. And it always feels like they actually mean women need to be punished.


I can’t really fault Melania there, since she comes from a Slovenian middle-class background. I’m not surprised that she became a chancer with gaudy taste once she left the old country.

Her sugar daddy, on the other hand, is second or third generation American wealth, depending on how you reckon those things. Some families are just garbage no matter how much gold leaf and marble is slathered on them (e.g. the family with the “affluenza” kid).


There’s a certain glee among faux-leftist bros that I haven’t seen since the election. They know it won’t affect Trump, they should know she doesn’t make her own decisions (like the suit) now, but they want to see her suffer.


Agreed. There are plenty of things to discuss about Melania without shaming her body autonomy.


Ain’t nothing wrong with sex work, either.


Yeah, so I don’t really care either way. “C-grade nineties fashion model fucked rich guys for gifts of money and fur coats” is a non-story. I think it’s more likely to be true than not, but I don’t care either way.

Actually, fucking your way round nineties New York and being given jewels and shoes and shit looks pretty fun. Better than letting that fat orange gibbon all up in your business at any rate.


Either way the lawsuit turns out I am certain that she will soon be broadcasting her version of the QVC out of the White House residence.

The only available choices will be white or white or gold.


Question: People have been using the White House to make themselves rich since the beginning. How is this any different?

Considering the fact that she’s refusing to do the actual JOB of First Lady, apparently she doesn’t think of it as ‘better things to do’ anyway.


We are specifically discussing the role of the President’s spouse, which is a generally humanitarian position.


Is this lawsuit only possible because the Daily Mail is a British publication, and libel laws are very different there than in the U.S…specifically, telling the truth is not a sufficient defense?