Instagram filter lets you wear Case's Neuromancer headset

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We already have a cyberspace where millions play, build, fight and destroy vast lambent architectures of data purely within the realms of the cyberverse. Where beings of light and darkness content for supremacy in a pitched battle for the future of mankind. It’s called Minecraft. Or Fortnight. At least I think that is what they are called? Anyway…

Yeah but then i would have to use Instagram. For how much shit BB likes to give Facebook and Instagram for their shitty business practices you sure do like to give them free traffic. This is pass for me but i hope it works for those that do want to check it out.


Slightly off-topic but, man, I LOVED Neuromancer on the Commodore 64. Jacking into ports and reading emails and postings, finding passwords to upgrade your skills and “hacking” firewalls and ICE programs all fed into some weird part of my brain that, I think, was what got me so excited for the promise of an actual internet.


Wrong. Case didn’t use a visor. In the novel, the technology included direct-induction connections where people like Case had sockets built into their skulls, and all he did to connect to the net was plug in a cable.


You should probably direct this to the source of story. Some rube on Twitter calling himself… @GreatDismal?


Yeah, and it also described 'decks as being portable arcade consoles, covered in buttons and joysticks. Which, lets be honest, would look even more ridiculous than Keano making VR claw gestures in Johnny Mnemonic. I’m happy to trade obsessive literalism in favor of this magnificent cover.


Yeah, what a great game! There’s a PC version, too, which I played it long after it first came out but IIRC even before I read the book. You can now actually play it in your browser, for example here: I’m reasonably certain it’s legal…

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