Instagram is a dialup BBS


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Well that’s mildy amusing.


What if we were all posting in a siloed BBS right now?


Um… Languishes?

Just checkin’; for all I know, that was intentional.


Languages? DId you mean languishes? That would make more sense, given the context.


Facebook does have RSS feeds for some content. That’s how I find out when someone I know has posted rather than checking Facebook itself.


i refuse to read the five posts ahead of mine. I noticed a funny typo and I’m going to post it, redundancy be damned. languages.


Sounds an awful lot like the Youtube comments.


Phew. That was close.


I hate it when my silage languages. Once it starts there’s no shutting it up.

(Note: having fun, not making fun.)


Isn’t it just another of Facebook’s tentacles?


Dunno about you, but I’m accessing it via the open Web.


Technically, that applies to Facebook too, to an extent.

BTW, not all social media, see Diaspora, Friendica, FOSS Twitter clones etc.


AOL didn’t lock you in nearly as bad as as the big social media players. They offered FTP and Gopher!




What, were the brand names Palsticles and Colonizr already taken?


:shrug: I post some pretty pictures, my friends see my pictures, I see theirs… that’s about all I’m looking for out of Instagram.

I wouldn’t recommend building a career on it.


I’m not sure if it’s been addressed, but a lot of Facebook content is simply unavailable to normal Web browsers.

Unless you’re logged in and running all the tracking scripts, galleries and event pages and such are largely inaccessible (or were).


If they start hosting Pyroto Mountain, then I’ll be interested.


My dialup was pretty open back in the day too. (In that I could dial in to whatever I wanted.)