Instant Pot Ultra 6 Quart electric pressure cooker on sale

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In case you wanted to know the price without having to open the link, it is $68.99 down from $99.95


great price. I have the same one and use it a TON. recently I found that the PC makes the best hard boiled eggs, 5 minutes pressure, 5 minutes natural cool down and an ice bath. egg whites are pillowy soft, yolks are creamy and they are a breeze to peel. OXO makes an insert that is essential to make 'em!

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I know a lot of people love these things, but I had one for awhile and pretty much hated it. The heating element was only on the bottom, so if you were doing anything dryer than a stew it was difficult to not burn the bottom and undercook the top. The gasket that sealed the lid was very hard to clean as well, holding onto odors like the kid holding onto the chair in the waiting room of the dentist’s office when its his turn.

In the end, it just seemed less convenient than our old fashioned pot-with-a-lid style pressure cooker and conventional Crock Pot. We ended up selling it on Craigslist for pretty much what we originally paid.

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Link please!

When I do softboiled in my pot the timing of the ice bath is super finicky, like they’re still cooking. Too much ice too quickly and they’re too raw, but too little or too slow and they get hard. If the insert helps get them perfect in the pot then I can just pile on the ice and be done!

This is NOT an Ultra. This is a Duo.




Ugh. Thighs. The absolute worst texture you’ll find anywhere on a chicken. Rubbery, lumpy, and super easy to overcook. Just spring for the tenders or go with breasts.

The url-shortened link re-directs to the Canadian site (for us Canuks), which is $130 CDN. Got one for $100 CDN, which is decent for here. Not a bad device; well made, and invented by a fellow Canadian here in Ottawa. He worked for the same company I did, just made out better after the collapse.

instant pot!?! Just what I need, now if only someone had some links to where one can purchase really small herb scales.

We paid $64 Canadian + tax. Delivered.
Exact same model.

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