Interactive map shows the cold civil war is getting hot

I don’t think their job is to make a fair and equal map with nobody starting with a unified Baltic, but antifa has no members.
The map could knock itself into new levels of polish if it distinguished between incels, regists, 7 kinds of protester or statist…buttercream v. fondant cosponsors maybe.


My wife insists that fondant tastes like shit. I haven’t been to any weddings or festive events where I could actually eat it to know for certain. I am holding out hope and firmly on the fence. However buttercream is going to be tough to top.

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I LOVE Robert Evans and this special podcast in particular. I found it completely plausible and totally terrifying.

His credibility in this exact subject is without compare since he was a journalist in Syria when all hell broke lose. It’s chilling.

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Marshmallow based fondant?

I can at least confirm that although Kenosha county officially ends about a mile or so off shore in Lake Michigan, the area pictured above does extend out to the state border between Wisconsin and Michigan.

It is an artifact of the US Census bureau cartographic boundary shapefiles. The same files have issues with some further offshore coastal islands because they are clipped to a simplified US outline. It comes back to bite thoughtless researchers all the time when they do density analysis and find cities in the Great Lakes area suddenly dropping to near rural densities.


Aerated marshmallow fondant by one measure, marzipan by another, and by another store-bought yet hammer-workable drek that will repel the very eager cake spoiler, the confectioner will be careful to specify; and yet an order may come, to serve Green New Deal (so, butters…) the NRA and the Door Bros. Cake. And reviews of tickling machines or something. The rest is just ballroom math. Did you get 4? I got 4.


Four it is!



Yep, and one of the few places where ‘protesters’ have openly carried AR-style rifles, shotguns, and handguns in the downtown area in front of government offices. Arizona is a classy bunch of far-right crazy people…

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[You know that episode of Star Trek TNG where Picard gets trapped on a planet with a guy that only speaks in metaphors? You just answered in earnest (and off topic) to BBS’s own metaphor speaker.]

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Arizona is a classy bunch of far-right crazy people…

Tempe and Tucson too?

Amazing podcast, thank you for the link

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Naw, they are just classy.

I know this topic is old now. I actually couldn’t bear to look at it until this morning. I think the map must be under-representing what’s going on. I know that there are active right wing groups in west Tennessee and in central Alabama. I think it’s likely that in some areas far-right threats are normalized, and so victims and go-alongs don’t see the need to report.

I think the SPLC map of hate groups is probably more accurate, but I don’t think it’s as up to date as it should be. But it does give you a sense of where hate groups are organized and public-facing. And it also has groups like Nation of Islam, so you can see places where there are opposed groups/tensions.

Here in Alabama one of my first thoughts upon hearing of Trump’s election was to ask myself if I should get a gun. I have colleagues who have purchased guns in response to their concerns about what this guy is calling a “cold civil war.” Personally, I backed off the gun idea, and have started considering emigration possibilities. I grew up with incidents of racial and right wing terror involving guns and beatings, things inflicted on people I knew or by people I knew, so I’m a bit jumpy about this stuff.

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