Interactive map shows the cold civil war is getting hot

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One of the by-products for us left-coasters being under a pall of smoke and threat of wildfire is that many/most of the protests - and therefore the attraction for the far-right agitators (aka terrorists) - have been put on hold.


Stay classy, Maricopa. :roll_eyes:


They’ve resorted to piracy on the inland oceans!


Hmm, VT doesn’t have any pink despite having a couple cases in the news.


County map squares?

  1. I am curious if in the 60s with the Vietnam war protests and civil rights protests if the violence and tensions were ever framed as a “cold civil war”.

  2. Hrm, of course I checked out the stuff marked for the KC area. One link is dead, so no idea what that was about. The other one says “City Councilman joins vigilante group “protectingprotestors”” - but the article doesn’t mention a vigilante group - just him. I don’t see a title on the map labeling what exactly the criteria for an “incident” is. It appears to only show right wing examples, but in this one case - is that label accurate? Supposedly he was on the site of the protestors, though I guess without signage and flags, it is hard to discern such things. :confused:

Still, an interesting deposit of data.


The infancy of the trump party’s self fulfilling prophecy.


Apparently even Lynden WA had some. I knew there were assholes there from when I was a kid in the 80s. We had white supremacists and skinheads all over the area. I guess they had kids.


The country is poxed but the map would clear if the number that make up the ninety-nine percent realized that we have a lot in common. Onerous debt to the one percent, increasing inequality, and being used in a divide and conquer political game make up a partial list of authentic grievances that tens of millions of US citizens (and non citizens) share.


Counties are not remotely fine enough to give any serious idea of what’s going on. Maricopa County has most of Arizona’s population, ranging from Phoenix (fairly blue) to dark-red Mesa and dark-blue Tempe which abut each other.


Stay? After more than 60 years in Maricopa County, any generalization is oxymoronic.

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Another useful map of a related metric is the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s Hate Map, which would be clever play on words that I’d enjoy if the results weren’t so saddening:


I can’t see this right-wing violence abating over the next four years. The only question is whether the White House will enable the white supremacist and fascist thuggery or be a focus of its ire.

This is a solid podcast on what this civil war might look like if things really get out of hand (think less America in the 1860s and more like Syria in the 2010s):



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– shift-double click to zoom out

– click-drag to pan

– shift-drag rectangle to zoom to an area

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As I recall, the problem was that he showed up to a peaceful demonstration that was worked out between the demonstrators and the local police armed and in tacticool gear. He had to be asked multiple times to leave, and only did so after it was pointed out that he was scaring the children present. I don’t remember anything about him being a member of a vigilante group, but that not may be a sarcastic notation.


I hope, to make everything equal, they map the violence led by leftist “antifa” groups.

I think there was one incident in Oregon? Where one right wing vigilante guy was killed. Maybe?

Clearly the left is a danger.

/s just in case



But I’m not ready yet.


This map is clear evidence of the left mobilizing for action. We must act NOW to stop this imminent threat to our liberties.

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Here is an example of Poe’s law in action. You have no way to know if this is actual or satire, because the loons on the right (damn! just gave it away) have pushed the window of discourse so far to their side that they are capable of saying virtually anything short of alien intervention.

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At this point anyone doing mapping of national data should be used to trimming their shapefiles to exclude the Great Lakes. Until we see an uptick in naval militia violence, trim your counties.

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